Razer Megasoma Mouse Pad Review

The Razer Megasoma is a precision mouse pad made from a flexible silicone material that glows in the dark and is smooth for great performance and gaming precision in mouse movement.

Ease of Use, Performance: 22/25
Look amp; Feel: 24/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 89/100

The Razer Megasoma is a silicone mouse pad that is 9 by 13 1/2 inches and a little thicker than 1/16th of an inch in size and a glow in the dark white color. The mouse pad has a Razer Megasoma logo in the lower left side and a glow in the dark Razer logo on the upper right corner.

The side that goes down toward your desk or table is a shiny smooth surface while the mousing surface is slightly bumpy to the touch but smooth for your mouse. Using both Razer mice and other gaming and regular general purpose mice I found the pad is very smooth and works extremely well.

The Megasoma pad comes in a unique acrylic case with a magnetic closure lid that is nice enough to display models or other fine art works as it is very clear and nice looking. The Megasoma rolls easily when not in use and lies flat right out of the box as it is made from silicone rubber.

The bottom surface may be shiny but it does stick to your desk or other surface very well without any movement when you’re gaming or generally using the pad. This part of the pad also washes quite clean in common soap and water unlike other mouse pads I have owned and reviewed.

Any hair, dirt or debris comes off easily in soapy water and the pads surface on both sides is easy to scrub with a non scratch dish scrubbie to get the surface clean and good as new.
The pad works well right out of the box as well as being easy to clean when it does get dirty so for those that do get dirt, grime or anything, lunch comes to mind while at my desk, it cleans easily.

The cost of the Megasoma is a bit high, $50 from Razer, Amazon and Newegg.com but I can see this mouse pad lasting literally for years. While cloth pads will start to wear and unravel along the edges and foam and rubber pads will start to deteriorate with the foam rubber picking off in small bits this one will last much longer.

Silicone rubber is a tough material, I have had cookware for six or eight years now made of the stuff without problems and I see this same durability and tough material strength in the Megasoma. The Megasoma is tough and does not stretch out of shape or when rolled keep its rolled shape, you can go from rolled up in a laptop bag to flat on the desk no matter which side was rolled inward.

The Megasoma performs well as a mousing surface which is what all the fuss is about for this gaming pad with great smooth but nicely dimpled surface to enhance the light reflective properties. Using mice from the standard optical laser mouse to the precision gaming mice like the Razer Naga and Imperator I recently received I have had absolutely no problems or complaints.

The surface of the pad is slightly bumpy and this allows for a more precise and smooth surface for very smooth cursor and optical mouse accuracy. I found I really like this mouse pad over all the previous mouse surfaces I have had, even ones from Razer.

The Razer Megasoma may be a bit on the expensive side but to not have to buy a new pad every year for at the very least five years would mean a lot to a gamer who buys new pads every year or even six months. I have had mouse pads that started to wear, especially cloth and foam rubber ones, after six months and new pads would have been in order soon if I did not receive new ones for reviewing.

The Megasoma may be a bit of an investment but if you’re looking for a mouse pad that will last, is really tough and highly responsive for a precision gaming pad the Megasoma may be the right choice. For more mouse pad reviews and gaming mouse reviews see thetechinsiders gaming mousesection.